Day Services

Day Services Office Hours: 8:30 am-3:30 pm

Who do we serve?

We currently serve individuals with developmental disabilities for our Day Services. 

Adult Day Services

Overture is an approved provider for the Wyoming Medicaid Waiver Program, with a variety of community and day services in Cheyenne and surrounding counties. We strive to develop programs that are flexible and dynamic through fun, engaging activities as well as social and professional opportunities for the people we serve. These daily pursuits are intended to inspire and develop a person’s independence through skills building, socialization, and support in pursuing personal goals.

Overture’s day services offer a variety of activities through our center. We have a physical location that we use a hub to meet and get out and do activities of a person’s choice. We also use a variety of community-based resources through day services such as the YMCA, Meals on Wheels, Gardening with UW Extension Office, Volunteering and more. Activities offered in our day services include all forms of skills building including cooking, computer skills, arts and more.

Our Direct Support Mentors have a variety of talents that support a person wishes to learn new skills or developing an interest into new hobbies. If you choose Overture as your day services provider, we will match you with staff that can assist with learning something new that you have always wanted to do. Our staff are always encouraging folks to take part in something they have never tried before.

The individuals in services help design the activities and events for day services through our VOICE group, which stands for Vision, Inclusion, Opportunities, Choice and Empowerment. This group, led by persons in services, works with the staff to find new and exciting activities, plan trips and searches for volunteering opportunities. Our VOICE group also promotes advocacy and self-determination with the individuals who participate.

Child Habilitation:

Child habilitation services provide activities and supervision to children under the age of 18. These services include training, coordination, and intervention directed at skill development and maintenance, physical health promotion and maintenance, language development, cognitive development, socialization, and social and community integration.

Child habilitation services includes those not otherwise available through public education programs in the child’s local school district. Services can be provided at various times of the day in multiple settings.

Personal Care Services:

The participant shall be physically present during this service. Assistance may include hands-on assistance or prompting the participant to perform a task. Personal care services may be provided on an episodic or on a continuing basis. Health-related services that may be provided include care relating to medical or health protocols, medication assistance or administration, and range of motion exercises. Health related services may be provided after staff are trained by the appropriate trainer or medical professional, and documentation of training is evident. Personal care services may include assistance in performing activities of daily living (i.e., bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, bathroom assistance, transferring, maintaining continence) and more complex instrumental activities of daily living on the participant’s property (i.e., light housework, laundry, meal preparation exclusive of the cost of the meal, medication and money management).

Community Support Services:

Community support services are intended to offer assistance with acquisition, retention, or improvement in self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills. Community Support Services are designed to keep participants engaged in their environment, develop and maintain relationships, and build on previously learned skills.


Transportation services are intended to help participants get to work, community services, activities, and resources as needed when a staff is not needed at the event. Transportation services is not intended to replace other forms of available transportation such as natural supports, city transportation services, etc., and shall be offered only when family, neighbors, friends, or community agencies are unable to provide transportation alternatives.

Payment options:

Our payment options include both Medicaid and private pay. In alignment with our commitment to ensuring equitable access to healthcare, we adhere to the rates established by Medicaid for our services.