Employment Services

Supported Employment

Overture provides customized employment services through  Vocational Rehabilitation. We believe anyone who wants a job should be able to get a job. We offer career planning/discovery, job placement, work exploration services, small businesses development, resume building, soft skills training as well as job coaching services.

Our end goal is to find the right job match for you. Utilizing discovery through the waiver, we can spend quality time helping you find the right career or small business of your choice. We also provide many options for youth with disabilities who use Pre-Employment Transition Services with Vocational Rehabilitation.


We provide job development, career planning, benefits analysis, job coaching and more to individuals utilizing Vocation Rehabilitation Services.

DVR Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)

We provide Pre-ETS services to youth who are in school and have signed up for this service with Vocational Rehabilitation. Our curriculum includes many career development activities like employment discovery, dress for success, work-based assessment and more.