Intermittent Supported Living Arrangement (SLA)

In Intermittent SLA settings the person served receives services and supports tailored to their specific needs and wants on an as needed basis only. Intermittent SLA services can be provided in any kind of residential setting such as in their own apartment or home with roommates or by themselves, or with their family. Overture provides only the necessary levels of support for the person served to live the most independent life of their choosing. The level of supports provided ranges from a few hours a day to perhaps only a few hours per week. All Intermittent SLA settings and services and supports are individualized and customized to promote the highest levels of independent living and autonomy. However, we all need a little more assistance from time to time, so Overture provides 24/7/365 On-call emergency supports just in case. We are just a phone call away. In addition, Overture can provide a variety of remote monitoring technologies such as stove guards, motion sensory/detectors, door and window alarms, GPS enable wearable technology, and bed and toilet sensors, medication reminder boxes, and on-demand video supports, all customized to the needs and desires of the person served to promote independence and health and safety so the people we support can live in the least restrictive settings possible. For additional information on the Intermittent Supported Living Arrangement services and other residential, jobs and day services, and behavioral services, please contact us