Employment Services

Creating Opportunities for Inclusive Employment

Our Employment Services team assists job seekers in attaining inclusive and sustainable employment opportunities through local, community-based work sites. We work in conjunction with other agencies and businesses to create job opportunities that are person centered and designed to match the skill set and strengths of each person with the needs of the employer. Overture offers training for the people we serve to best access their chosen activities. Services include building natural supports along with key professional and social skills in alignment with their personal goals. Currently, we provide Employment Services in Colorado Springs, Denver Metro, Longmont and Windsor.

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Colorado Supported Employment

Our Employment Services team strives to connect earnest job seekers with sustainable employment opportunities at local, community-based work sites. In partnership with Colorado’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), we offer a variety of supports that aid in job skills building and professional development. Our network of inclusive local businesses ensures the people we serve can best access meaningful work opportunities that are in alignment with their personal goals. For the people we serve with intellectual and developmental disabilities, our Employment Services allow for augmented support in accessible work programs.

Our three-step process

Overture completes a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s employability and acts as the “eyes and ears” of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). These finely detailed assessments focus on fine motor skills, task comprehension, and sociability at the workplace, as well as identifying areas of individual support needs which may lead to a successful job match and retention.

Job Development
The Job Development phase begins with interview preparation where we educate and support job seekers in the creation of resumes and cover letters tailored specifically to the job seeker’s desired employment goals. Next, individuals are guided through the job search, with support and skills building regarding navigating online employment, establishing online employment profiles, filling out applications, completing employment surveys and questionnaires, and tips for following up on submissions. We also assist the people we work with in building key professional interview skills through mock interviews, where our team helps identify strengths and areas for growth in their personal interview skill set.

Job Coaching
Once an individual achieves employment, Overture provides two different Job Coaching services, each of which addresses different support needs to achieve employment success. Services are available both on and off the job site at the request of the individual we support.

  • Short Term Job Coaching – Overture assists with completing the on boarding process, ensuring the job candidate fills out all necessary paperwork (i.e. tax forms, insurance, payroll, etc.), assisting in the completion of both computer-based and physical trainings, and acting as an advocate when requested to bolster communication between the new employee and management. This includes support in determining the need for and acquiring any on-the-job accommodations.
  • Long Term Job Coaching – Individuals with long term needs receive the same supports outlined above, as well as continued support from the Overture Supported Employment team for as long as they need assistance. We will monitor their employment progress and step in as an added support when requested; we step back, reducing support over time as the employee in question feels our support is no longer necessary, and successful, stable employment is achieved.