Montana Residential Services

The people we serve choose what is most important to them and most important for them, and we match them with home environments that most closely meet their needs and preferences. Our driving philosophy is simple: listen to each person’s goals and desires, and then work in concert as a team to develop a meaningful program. We build close, genuine relationships based on the trust and rapport that develops through our intimate caseload sizes and self-directed supports. Overture’s team members value and promote communication, collaboration, and choice.

Shared Living

Shared Living is for individuals receiving Residential Habilitation services through the Medicaid Waiver who want or need supports provided in a home environment with a live-in provider.



Pretty much anyone! That is the best part about Overture’s Shared Living Model. We meet people where they are currently at and help them to achieve their hopes and dreams through individualized attention and personalized training programs. The more information we receive about the person’s needs, likes, dislikes, and history- the better we are able to match them with an appropriate shared living provider. Whether the individual has medical needs or behavioral support needs, we will find a provider that is trained to provide the care and attention that the person needs to thrive.

We have seen individuals move from group homes into shared living and have “behaviors” disappear. We believe that all behavior is communication. Sometimes people are not meant to live with multiple other people, and thrive when they are placed with a Shared Living Provider. Other people are pretty independent but not quite ready to live on their own. Our providers can help teach the skills needed for a person to move out on their own and live independently. Whatever the history or needs are, we want to learn more about how we can help.

Who is a shared living provider?

A Shared Living Provider is an independent contractor that opens up a room in their own home to a person receiving waiver services and provides access to up to 24/7 supports. The duties and responsibilities of being a shared living provider vary greatly based on the person in their homes distinct needs and wants. There are a number of daily tasks that a provider may support with, examples include but are not limited to: menu planning, medication assistance, household chores, simple budgeting/money management, coordinating fun activities in the community. There are many other daily living skills, social skills development, behavioral support, or medical support that providers may be able to assist with depending on the goals and needs of the person that they live with. For additional information please contact an Overture Representative to talk with about our unique model.

Want to become a Shared Living Provider?

If you have an open bedroom in your home, we would love to talk with you more! Whether you rent or own, as long as you have a room in your home and a desire to help others, we can get you started with this rewarding career. Many of our providers have experience working in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities, however, some of our best providers had no previous experience. They just had a genuine interest in serving their community. We have over 50 years of experience in this field and are happy to train individuals that share our vision. It is our philosophy

that choice, experience, and participation are fundamental to the personal growth and fulfillment of people in our care. We believe that people with developmental disabilities are part of the community, not simply recipients of services. We offer individualized trainings, ongoing support, and 24-7 assistance.

Our Providers:

  • Have an available bedroom in their home
  • Have a genuine interest in helping others and want to share their space with a new housemate
  • Work well with others, such as family members and a team of professionals
  • Must complete and pass criminal and motor vehicle background checks.
  • Must be able to pass classes such as Medication Administration, CPR, and First Aid at a minimum, there are other trainings provided that enhance providers ability to successfully perform their job duties
  • Must be at least 21 years old.

To apply to be a Shared Living Provider, please contact us for more information!