Independent Living

Independent Living Options

Independent Living Options go by many names, you may hear them referred to as Personal Care Alternatives (PCAs) or apartment settings. Independent living options are residential services and support provided to you or your family member in services that lives in his/her own home in the community. These settings range from apartments to privately owned homes.

What support does Overture provide?

Overture provides support staff who are specifically matched to the individual and their needs. Staff assist with cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, medication assistance, increasing independent living skills and helping people to reach their personal goals. Overture also has 24/7 on-call available in case of emergencies.

Who can Overture Support in an Independent Living Setting?

Overture supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in independent living settings all along the front range. Housing in Colorado can be expensive, many of the people we serve have jobs in the community, receive benefits, and/or have a roommate to manage the cost of living in a house/apartment. The individuals in our independent living settings have unsupervised time and are able to complete most of their daily living tasks on their own requiring minimal levels of hands on support. For those looking for more intensive supports throughout the day, please reach out to our intake team to discuss your specific needs to see if these can be accommodated on a case by case basis.

I love living in my own apartment and I never want anything to change! I love Overture! I love independence. Staff takes me out to eat, to my bank, and teaches me good stuff about independence. I don’t like people telling me what to do or rushing me. I like working on my personal goals.  I like having time to myself for the whole week except my staffing day. I get to go out with my friends other days of the week.